• The Education of Victor Cozzone

  • Posted on June 21, 2018
  • It can certainly be said that Victor Cozzone did everything possible to make sure he had all the education he would ever need, no matter what he decided to do. That said, even Victor would admit, there is no better education in life than that derived from experience. Victor Cozzone believes strongly that experience, combined with a person’s attitude, go a long way toward determining the level of success they will experience in the business world.

    In addition to business success, Victor Cozzone believes it to be very important to show appreciation for what he has gained, so he gives back to the community in every way possible. For many years, Victor volunteered as a baseball coach in the Lionville Youth Baseball Association and he also plays a significant role in programs in Chester County that provide poor residents with funding to pay heating bills. His best work, however, may be with PAAL, or “Preparing Adolescents with Autism for Adult Life,” where he has played a role since 2006. PAAL prepares people aged 14-21 who have moderate to severe autism with the skills they will need to live independently.

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