• Victor Cozzone is Successful in Both Business and Philanthropy

  • Posted on December 27, 2018
  • Back in 2000, Victor Cozzone started up his own business, All About Concrete, in his community of Chester County, Pennsylvania. He ran that successful company for about a decade. At one time, All About Concrete employed 28 people, including 6 staff and 22 workers in the field, all of whom Victor himself supervised. Therefore, it is accurate to say that Victor Cozzone and his company contributed greatly to building the economy in that area. They performed work in both the commercial and residential realms, so they almost literally had a hand in building the county itself.

    All About Concrete won a national award for their work in decorative concrete and Victor Cozzone himself is ACI certified, which indicates he knows what he is doing. In addition to business success, Victor Cozzone also believes that every successful person should show gratitude for everything he has. That is why he works so hard these days to give back to his community. It makes him a better person and businessman.

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